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TV Advertising Enters the Age of Databases

Last week, I had the pleasure of participating in an automotive panel at Rentrak's 4th Annual Industry Insights Forum in New York. Their audience – mostly senior TV network and affiliate executives, agency media planners, analytics and data providers – agreed that TV is becoming more metrics-rich than ever before, which is good news for a mature, entrenched advertising ecosystem that finds itself in the throes of disruptive technology.

The concept of "best available screen" is changing the nature in which we consume video content. Whether it's on our TV, PC or mobile device, we now have access to virtually any content, anywhere, anytime. Industry trends like video on demand, time-shifted viewing through DVRs, online video and the proliferation of special interest channels are disrupting the entire TV and video entertainment industry.

What impact will this have on TV advertising? Brands rely on TV for their major awareness and brand campaigns, and still spend the lion's share of their advertising budgets on this medium. (Auto advertisers will spend over $3.6 billion on TV advertising this year, according to Borrell Associates.) The answers will be derived from data. Advertisers are now able to use data to more effectively target and measure their TV campaigns.

According to Rentrak, TV media planning has entered "The Age of Databases." By this, they are referring to their ability to leverage vast databases comprised of TV set-top box viewing data for millions of U.S. households. Through their partnership with Polk, Rentrak created an integrated database that combines detailed TV viewing data with vehicle purchase activity (based on aggregated registration statistics), which is representative of the total U.S. TV viewing population. The result is a powerful media planning tool for automotive advertisers.

For example, did you know that NBC's "30 Rock" rates very highly with European car buyers? Or that Lincoln and Mercury buyers are more likely than other car buyers to watch the Gospel Music Channel? And did you know that the ABC affiliate in Albany, NY, WTEN's Early Fringe (4-7 p.m., Mon-Fri) viewers are 50% more likely to buy a Chevy than WRGB's the CBS affiliate)?

Well, now you do. For advertisers, there is now an opportunity to optimize exposure to TV campaigns with actual purchasers of a given vehicle segment, make or model. The days of being limited to age, income and gender are over. If you are a media planner or buyer for an automotive advertiser, your toolbox just got a lot bigger.

Posted by Paula Skier, Director, Strategy & Planning, Digital Marketing, Polk (10.26.2011)

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