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Automotive Brand Loyalty Winners/Losers – 2012 Year End

The automotive industry achieved nearly 14.5 million new vehicle sales in 2012, which resulted in a sales improvement of 13.4% versus 2011. There are many contributing factors to this sales achievement. The following all played a part in the industry resurgence:
  • Stabilized inventory levels from the Japanese automakers
  • Several new product introductions from all OEMs
  • Strengthening consumer confidence in the U.S. economy and
  • Lower unemployment rates
Also in 2012, we began to witness OEMs placing...
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Ford C-Max vs. Toyota Prius – Round 1

Ford launched the C-Max hybrid vehicle in September 2012, and dubbed it as America's most affordable hybrid utility vehicle. The C-Max base model is offered at $25,200 and provides consumers with estimated fuel economy of 47/47 (city/highway) MPG. By contrast the primary competitor to the C-Max is Toyota's famous Prius which has a starting price of $24,200 and fuel economy estimates of 51/48 MPG. With the launch of the C-Max, Ford has launched "The Hybrid Games" campaign which displays a...
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New Product Launches Equal Greater Owner Loyalty

Every calendar year in the third quarter, the automotive industry is filled with excitement as OEM brands launch new model year products. These launches are comprised of new variants (engine, drive types), product refreshes/facelifts, all new product offerings and the next generation of existing models. In the third quarter of 2012, two Japanese automakers (Honda and Nissan) launched the next generation of their mid-size sedan models. The all new Honda Accord and Nissan Altima boast... Read More...
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What Are the Most Automotive Brand Loyal Markets?

With the economy continuing to strengthen, more and more vehicle owners are in the market and actively shopping for new cars. With automotive sales approaching pre-recession levels, I wanted to review the Designated Market Areas (DMAs) displaying the highest brand loyalty. For this question, I decided to focus on DMAs that had the highest level of owners that returned to market and acquired a new vehicle during 2012 (through November). The chart below shows the results with the grey bars... Read...
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Saab Story

My clients often ask the question, "What brands are Saab owners moving into, now that the company is bankrupt?" I decided to do a quick study but before the findings are revealed, I'll provide some brief background information about the brand's development in the U.S. Saab, the Swedish vehicle company who claimed its cars were "born from jets." In 1989, General Motors decided to take a 50% stake in the Swedish company to help propel sales in the U.S. market. Throughout the '90s, Saab enjoyed...
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Pontiac Owners... Where are you going next?

Nearly two years have passed since General Motors announced it was filing for bankruptcy. With the announcement, General Motors also determined it would discontinue production of the Pontiac, Saturn, and Hummer brands. So now what? What do owners of these brands do when they return to the marketplace for their next vehicle purchase or lease? How has General Motors fared in its customer retention?Looking at full-year 2010 data: the Pontiac brand saw 57,641 customers return to market and...
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